Stripped Away

It was too much to gaze
upon the glory of God
All left in a reverent daze
Knelt our human skins, awed

But if they gazed instead at me
stunned and blinded, we who fell
surely would speechless be
at the soul inside the human shell


“One swallow.”

“Are you sure about this?”


Leda held the opaque vial filled with milky white potion up to her eyes, examining the contents warily.

“I’m tired Rue,” she murmured softly, almost inaudibly.

“Drink Leda.”

Leda’s eyes flashed away from the vial and found Rue’s pale blue ones, making a desperate plea. Rue was calmer than ever.

“Trust me,” Rue commanded.

Hesitantly at first, and then suddenly boldly Leda lifted the vial to her lips and sipped. Continue reading

To a flower I’ve known

The flower reaches for the light
breaks through the dirt and stands upright
holds her head high, continually grows
deep into the soil she sends her toes
she cares not about outward beauty
growing is her only duty
“I will reach the Sun one day
Growing is the only way”
Glittering in her drops of dew
This is how I think of you

One Thought

Do you like my mask?
I told you not to ask
This is beauty, behold
No dear, this is gold
Shocking, have you heard the news?
No, I felt it in the pews
This is life! Enjoy it
I cannot for you destroy it
Shhh, listen to me
Why can’t you just let us be?
I’ve adapted, I’ve evolved
No friend, you’ve dissolved
Do not judge, we are the same
First remove your mask and feel no shame
What you think, it matters not
You err dear friend, we are one thought


the place I go to be
to put it simply, to be me
There’s no forced smiles and
no forced laughs
no cut-out, stitched-up human crafts
Judge me harshly
if you will
choke on your own remedial pill
But grant me this,
let me seclude
to my familiar solitude

Part One: A Traditional Halloween Tale

Hal Winchester was nearly the last to arrive. It was the perfect Halloween night which meant that the sky had poured buckets, complicating the drive up the dark, unfamiliar road until the old, red Chevrolet could fight its way through the mud no longer and refused to carry its passenger any further.
Grudgingly Hal had marched the rest of the way across the inky lane, wondering why he had bothered with this scene at all. And as it was the perfect Halloween night, by the time Hal reached the front door of the looming mansion, the rain had ceased to fall and a bright full harvest moon illuminated the thoroughly drenched young man.
He paused on the front step and glanced at the windows nearest the door, but a curtain hid the interior of the small mansion from view. As a cool wind blew across the back of Hal’s neck, he shivered, rubbing his hands together and smiled to himself.
How spooky, he thought, grinning. It was as if this all was straight out of a movie—the mysterious invitation, the anonymous host, the isolated mansion.

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