Yellow gorse
the smell of coconut
a bunny in the grass
waiting for me to pass
Unmoving and still
except for his twitching nose
Perhaps he thinks himself
successfully camouflaged or else
he must be exceedingly brave
or exceedingly foolish
Boldly, he holds my gaze
until, smiling, I depart on my way



Belittle me, mock me,
ridicule the lot
but do not disparage faithfulness
because you have it not

Sunny disposition

I smiled at a passerby
because the sun was out today
and I was like a ray of light
shining on all upon my way
Warmth on my skin
still warmer in my chest
Yes, it was a good day
for heaven to have blessed

Crescent companion

Silver crescent moon
hanging delicately on a chain
like an upside down trapeze artist
She unclasps it, smiles,
places it around her daughter’s neck

we do not need to see the moon
to know it is always there


Moth-eaten sweater,
all full of holes
frayed blue cuffs

Mangled shoelace
tangled in knots
flapping rubber sole

Mismatched socks
torn-at-the-knee jeans
and a grass stain

Mother dressed us well
if only we could wear
childhood again

But now it is not
our clothes that wear out
it is us


Say something thoughtful
Think something original
Create something awe-invoking
Write something beautiful
Hold something dear
Love something innocent
Believe something faithfully
See something differently
Be something joyful
Be something

Time and place mean little
you cannot blame your birth
In the end it is our actions
that determine what we’re worth

Midnight Revelers

It’s that time, the quiet hour
but there are people in the streets
shouting and shrieking
while I grumble in my sheets
How their voices carry
through the night air
breaking through the windows
echoing everywhere
Do they not know how much
ill will is directed their way?
And yet it seems it is only
we quiet ones who have to pay
Good night! I’ll exclaim and
I’ll scream it from my bed
but the shouting will continue because
the screaming is only in my head
I scream it in this poem
and I scream it to the town
Dear Midnight Revelers,
would you kindly keep it down?

Blue, a nice change
from the stormy gray
The sun hanging there
beside a head in the clouds
A girl, at the edge of the sea
where her feet have
decided to carry her

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