Standing on the Punchline

muddling the
as though
I must now decide
happiness or
here when
are comedians
setting out
muddled-men, they
sadness again.

– E


A Visit with the Professor

Sand down the edges
–understand you are
making an argument.
ideas is not convincing.
Here you have lost
has to be found.
It’s for
sake (not ours).
Manipulate the truth
–use what tools you have;
symmetry is always lost
if you dive too deep.

– E

Coffee Break

I’ll take a piece of peace
since you’re offering
In fact I’ll have a whole slice
Followed by a sip of hope
No need to ask me twice

On Co-writing

“Just write,” I said
but they looked at me with dread
before filling their cups with words
and then we poured
together our word-hoard
into something particularly absurd.

“Remember our goal,”
I cried to your hole from my hole,
“We can stitch it together later”
but this Frankenstein of ours
his face looks sour
and he’s got the eyes of a traitor.

Perhaps I’m too eager
to place the meager
words there on the page
but surely these words are proof — breath
ideas that’ve already been talked to death
like Lazarus returning to the stage.

– E

One Thought

Do you like my mask?
I told you not to ask
This is beauty, behold
No dear, this is gold
Shocking, have you heard the news?
No, I felt it in the pews
This is life! Enjoy it
I cannot for you destroy it
Shhh, listen to me
Why can’t you just let us be?
I’ve adapted, I’ve evolved
No friend, you’ve dissolved
Do not judge, we are the same
First remove your mask and feel no shame
What you think, it matters not
You err dear friend, we are one thought

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