Autumn is nice, but I prefer fall. There are so many things fall can be. Fall can fall from your tongue, from the tree, it can fall in love, fall at your feet.

          It falls on a Tuesday. It falls on a Wednesday. It falls over backwards and lands on a Monday.

         Fall in leaves! Fall in wind! At the windows — they might let you in!

         So summer came, then fall, and what followed?

                       The cows lowed.

                       Apple pies were owed.

                       The lovers were wed:

                       a boy named Ed

                       and a girl named Dee.

                       So with all that fall has to offer, what’s Autumn to me?

a lousy bass drum

a stutter, a lapse in speech

you got’em all (except the

                     gee! but that autumnal

                     now that is a magnificent word

                     fit for reverie!

(too bad the only thing that ever follows

is null)

           Forgive me as this too falls to pieces.

           Leaves will fall

           before the hail

           students smile in the hall

           as they waltz off to fail

           the first exam of the year

           but — how they waltz!

           shoelaces make them so near

           stumbling; one of them halts —

Look there! out the window!

(They fall for it).

The leaves are beginning to change!

– E!


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