An Effort to Rediscover Innocence

line the days up against the wall
count the rings inside the sun
try to learn again to crawl
(un learning is not easily done).

so we set up our lawn chairs to wait and see
who the greatest disappointment will be
and everyone thinks: at least I’m not Satan
(as if there’s any comfort in that.)


– E



I kissed the night
to scorn the day.
Fear is so easy to dream up
(of courage I’ve nothing to say).


– E

Madness and Apathy

It’s a mad, mad world they say
And madder still that all must pay
Your crime is not in being man
But in thinking you are better than
There is no inner light in us—we are dead
That concept of soul exists only in the head
Or perhaps it is given to us from God above
And there is but one true origin of love
Either way we are trapped on Earth
To suffer life and curse our birth
A mad, mad world is our lot
Live or die, it matters not

Per contra

Keep the records str  ght
Make sure to mind the date
Balance them sidebyside
Bury the ones that have died
Per contra, let them roam free
Per contra, allow them time to be
Per contra, resurrect the dead
Let them go on living inside your head

The Regime

a dozen eyes watched from between the trees
wondering which side of the road was safest.
certainly not the middle, where something akin to the
rug in a hunting lodge lay —
the head on the pole at the gates of the city
warning all those coming and going that
these four-wheeled creatures,
self-proclaimed dictators of Nature,
never did stop for Life.


A Conversation

I’m Educated — tell me what’s your name?
I’m Ignorance, but people call me Bliss.
Peculiar name — I s’pose it’s all the same
I’ve a proposal…what do you think of this:
the trouble is I’ve wanted to resign
exhausted Thought, watched perish many men
and if I dress you in my own design
I never have to take my post again.
Now try this coat, I hope it’s not to big
look there — they’ll hardly be able to tell!
but you better put on the old gray wig…
Ha! even if we swapped Heaven for Hell
they’d go on content — they’re truly your kin
who reach the skies just to fall to Earth again.

– E

To a theory of mind

I wonder what went wrong
and this wondering alone is
enough evidence of evolution
that our minds evolved
and are evolving still
and I wonder what went wrong
that I can have all that I need
and yet feel so incomplete
that I can recognise goodness
and yet I suffer inside
that my body is wanting little
but I do not have what I want
and I do not know what I want
When did everything go south
and our minds started needing too
when did survival start including happiness
when did we start questioning
whether we wanted to survive at all
I am wondering what is wrong with this mind
and I am wishing to survive anyways

A Selfless Act?

He would argue that
there is no such thing as
a selfless act

Helping others is just
helping yourself in
a giving pact

If you help them then they’ll
help you according to
social contract

Giving to others is
giving to yourself
that’s just a fact

You feel good when
you give to others by
your own impact

Therefore you are helping
you; there’s no such thing as
a selfless act

By his definition I would
agree, our concept of self is
far too abstract

Can we act without self
if not, then see his
view must attract

There’s no escaping ‘me’ and
there’s no such thing as
a self-less act

The Poet’s Confession

I write when there is nothing to say
because the words that matter
are the ones that escape

you might not care for the ones that remain
but it is all I have to give
(so if you are forgiving,

here you can trace the outlines
imagine where they lay
those words I have often felt
but do not dare to say.

– E

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