I Will Be Grey

In conclusion,

it rained and sunned that day.

And this was to seal my fate forever:

if you turned your head

to one side,

it was white picnic clouds and blue sky,

and if you turned your head another way

it was just a deep glob of purple-grey.

And if you turned

and turned and turned

you got it all at once:

the rain and the sun

and the confused laughter in between.

People came out of buildings

and were given pause.

Is it raining?

The funny thing is

they knew it was raining

and they asked “is it?”

not “why?”

Nobody knows

quite what to make

of such a phenomenon

and I like it that way.

You can see the raindrops

better in the sunlight.

This is my destiny:

Always a little of both at the same time.

Never just black, never just white.

My fate was to be grey.

I must keep turning.


What do you think?

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