And So She Says, ‘What Careers Interest You?’

Today I am Possibility.
Infinitely allowed, infinitely able to grow and stretch and morph into absolutely anything—
So says the counselor.
I am destined to the hand of glorious uncertainty.
I’ve heard it before, but today I can feel it.
Today I’m not scared.Today is Possibility.
Puppy-dog white clouds and gristly wolf grey ones tease and taunt each other across that ethereal, impermeable, endless, ever, ever, ever azure sky.
The sky is Possibility.
Nobody can quite make up their minds whether or not it will rain.
Today the world and everything in it is young.
The wind is cold but the sun is hot and they come in lightning bolt flashes of screaming
we are so alive.
The air is Possibility.
Zero to millions,
she says.
You pick the price
of your life.
Possibility is Priceless.
I could be rich.
It could pour.
There is nothing that cannot happen today.


What do you think?

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