On Walking in the Early Morning

IMG_3652_2I do not think there is a better time of day

than in the morning to take a walk

For one need not have any words to say

there is no reason to talk

IMG_3659The sunrise will certainly not begin a conversation

and the sky will not demand an answer

The singing birds ask not for an explanation

The swaying field is a silent dancer

One only has to open his eyes to see

the great beauty all around

IMG_2496Let the mind and body free

open your ears to hear the sound

When better to take a walk

than when man is fast asleep

Glance at the ticking clock

IMG_0924and see the sunlight beginning to creep

Through the windows and the curtain

and know that Nature is awake

for it is always certain

IMG_3647that one will enjoy the daybreak

Stretch out your legs and stretch out your mind

See the day adorning

for who can say what you will find

when you are walking in the morning


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