Blind to Your Suffering

How could I have been so blind to your suffering?

I saw you struggling and I caught your tears,

but I bandaged them as surface wounds

never noticing how deep they cut into you

And now they pierce right into your heart and I am left


You finally said enough was enough

that you would pursue your happiness elsewhere

and I am left wondering how I never seemed to see

how truly unhappy you were here

I brushed away your small actions as if  meager complaints

and I laughed until you smiled

but you never mentioned that you weren’t smiling inside

Was I so blind as not to see that you were hanging on by a thread?

I fed you encouraging words but it seems I could not feed you happiness

that is something you must forage for yourself

something you have yet to find

So you say that you are leaving


and I am left here to carry on with my life

as if nothing terrible has happened

to pick up the pieces and try again

haunted by the simple thought:

how could I have been so blind?


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