I will tell you who Truth is

A glass of water to clear my throat please,

and I will tell you who Truth is

It seems that these days few hold the keys

to that sacred vault of his

Or perhaps I shall tell you who Truth is not

for he certainly does not hide in a cellar

Truth is not so easily caught

He is no captive dweller

Truth does not sparkle nor shine

but is crystal, clear, and pure

He does not decay, nor from his duty resign

but lingers on forever to endure

Truth is not a simple grain of sand,

but Truth is the whole wide sea

Truth is everything on the land

including you and me

Truth is not words that we hear

Indeed even now I speak not pure Truth

For he is someone whom we fear

Afraid He will corrupt our youth

For if we gave children such a notion

as telling them what Truth is like

Would not they cause a commotion

or perhaps the world’s largest strike?

No, instead we must feed them lies

and simply tell them Truth is good

and hope that one day they surmise

the Truth we never could

Maybe one day we will sit down together

and he will bring me a drink

and we will discuss and contemplate whether

Truth is truly what we think.


What do you think?

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