How Immune We Are Grown to Nature’s Radiance

How immune we are grown

to Nature’s radiance

perhaps if we had known

the expense of such ignorance.

If miracles be what we seek

how dare we ignore the stars?

Or flowers bent, pretty and meek

over the land we claim as ours.

And who are we to refuse to converse

to the alleged existence above

when He speaks through the universe

— how else would He show His love?

Can it be that our eyes

tire of beauty, no longer stop

to wonder at the vast skies

and that which sits atop?

Let us not let knowledge

strip us of curiosity

for to see beauty in the humblest hedge

is a grand ability.

If God be silent, it can only be,

that we’ve grown deaf to his voice

because to ignore the beautiful subtleties

is, after all, our choice.

Thanks to Acton for alerting me to the quote that inspired this poem: “Nature is too thin a screen; the glory of the One breaks in everywhere.” – Emerson


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