The Jest of Time

We jest of killing Time

while our lives pass us by

when the fruit of youth has rotted

do we then prepare to die?

Our bodies grow old

our bones they weary within

but Time also ages our spirit

and readies us for the end

I will help you forget

is one of Time’s great lies

I will heal you, make you stronger

But it is our soul, not our tears that he dries

Survival is Time’s game

and we must play according to the rules

blindly we roll the dice

and end up looking like fools

Ever do we stop

in the midst of this race

to question for what purpose

we live in such haste?

I used to think Time and I walked

hand in hand but that’s not true

Time is not on anyone’s side

He cares nothing for me or you

We watch our childhood vanish

and start losing our own trust

in our memories as we struggle

As Time jests of killing us



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