What it is to Need

So this is what it is to need

to hunger, to long, to feel an ache

grow inside as the strength recedes

the strength you once held for others’ sake.

So this is how to need, to turn

to those so accustomed to leaning on you

but how long does it take to learn

they will never come through for you?

And in an ideal world we’d take

turns bearing the world’s heavy weight

care for others’ as well as our own sake

but then, in our current state

the others are to weak to hold the strong

because the strong have supported them for too long.

In thinking too much of others,

though we redeem ourselves,

is it possible we then smother

them with their own wants of self?

And does our worthy sacrifice

only act to tend a rooted vice?

All I know is now they cannot see

passed their own noses, to my need.

How is it fair, how can it be

they do not even notice me bleed?

So this is what it is to need.

– Padfoot


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